Poissons bêtas

Beta fish

Title: Discover the astonishing world of beta fish: Complete guide

Looking to add a touch of grace and beauty to your aquarium? Beta fish, also known as fighters, are a beautiful and fascinating option to consider. Their sleek fins and vibrant colors make them captivating creatures that can bring a new dimension to your aquatic world.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the wonderful world of beta fish, exploring their origin, care needs, the different varieties available on the market, as well as tips for creating an optimal environment for their well-being.

1. Discovery of beta fish

Beta fish are native to the rice fields of Southeast Asia, where they evolved to survive in often harsh conditions. Their name, "beta", is derived from the Thai term "Pla-kad", which means "fighting fish". These fish are known for their territorial behavior and ability to live alone, making them perfect for individual aquariums.

2. The different varieties of beta fish

There are a wide variety of beta fish, each with their own unique characteristics in terms of color, fin shape, and temperament. Among the most popular are beta splendens, also known as Siamese fighter, as well as varieties such as beta halfmoon, beta crown tail and beta plakat. It is essential to choose a variety that suits your aquarium and your experience level.

3. Beta Fish Care and Maintenance

Beta fish are generally easy to care for, but they still require special attention to stay healthy. Be sure to provide your beta fish with a well-filtered and heated aquarium with clean, dechlorinated water. Offer them a varied and balanced diet, made up of high-quality flakes and live or frozen food as a complement.

4. Have an Ideal Environment for Your Beta Fish

For your beta fish to thrive, an environment a natural habitat. Add aquatic plants, hiding places, and ornaments to give your beta fish places to rest and explore. Also be sure to maintain a consistent water temperature and perform regular water changes to prevent disease and maintain optimal water quality.


Beta fish are beautiful and fascinating creatures that can add a touch of elegance to any aquarium. By understanding their needs and providing them with proper care, you can have an environment where your beta fish can thrive. Explore our selection of beta fish and let yourself be captivated by the beauty and grace of these incredible aquatic creatures.

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