Poissons Rouges - Goldfish

Goldfish / Goldfish

Goldfish, with their understated elegance and calming beauty, are fascinating aquatic creatures that have charmed aquarium enthusiasts for centuries. Native to Asia, these fish are appreciated for their simplicity and their ability to thrive in relatively modest habitats.

Goldfish are characterized by their bright, shimmering color, which varies from bright red to golden orange. Their flowing fins undulate gracefully in the water, adding a touch of grace to their appearance. Their black eyes seem to pierce the underwater world with curiosity.

Goldfish are also relatively easy pets to care for. They adapt well to a variety of living conditions and do not require excessive care. However, for them to thrive, it is essential to provide them with adequate space, a balanced diet and clean water.

A well-kept goldfish can live for many years, sometimes even exceeding a decade.

In short, goldfish are magnificent aquatic creatures that add a touch of beauty and serenity to our lives. Their color, grace and fascinating behavior make them quite charming aquatic companions for nature and aquarium lovers.

Temperatures: Between 18°C ​​and 24°C

Ph: Between 6.7 and 7.5

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