Why an aquarium

Life in lakes and rivers is quite exciting. Many species live in communities, some swim with others, some hunt others, and some live in symbiosis with different species. Now imagine that you have, in the comfort of your home, some of that Amazonian depth, full of nature and colors. Some fish will acquire their territory, defend their hatchlings, and others will hide in a bush waiting for feeding time. With a cleaner fish on a piece of wood imported from the Amazon, from its country of origin, everything is immersed in a symbiotic community life. On the ground, neocaridina shrimp do their daily work filtering out detritus, and snails wander around looking for a piece of algae for their supper. At the top, gouramis build a nest of bubbles to attract the numerous females from the aquarium. An aquarium is a wonderful ecosystem and a piece of art in a living room. Some will prefer small tetra fish that swim in schools, the synergy and rhythm of their movement are undeniable. Others will opt for more aggressive and territorial fish, such as African cichlids. Whatever you choose, if you do your research and take the necessary steps, you will not be disappointed with the health of your aquarium. Patience, research, and passion, these are the keys to a successful aquarium. Good luck.