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Badis scarlet

Badis scarlet

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The Badis scarlet is a fascinating freshwater fish native to India. This little aquatic gem is prized for its striking beauty and unique behavior.

As for its environment, the Badis scarlet thrives in well-planted aquariums with hiding areas. It prefers a moderate water temperature, usually between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius, and a slightly acidic to neutral pH, between 6.0 and 7.0. It is also recommended to maintain a relatively soft water hardness, between 5 and 12 dGH.

In terms of behavior, this fish is known to be rather shy. He appreciates quiet areas of the aquarium and can be territorial. It is best to keep it in small groups, preferably with conspecifics of the same sex to avoid any aggressive behavior.

For the well-being of the Badis scarlet, be sure to provide it with a varied diet, including live foods and high-quality pellets. Proper filtration and regular water changes will also help maintain a healthy environment for these fish.

In summary, the Badis scarlet is a captivating species that will bring an exotic touch to your aquarium. By respecting their environmental preferences and understanding their distinct behavior, you can provide these magnificent fish with a good habitat.

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