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Geosesarma Crab (Multiple colors available)

Geosesarma Crab (Multiple colors available)

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The Geosesarma crab is a fascinating species of freshwater invertebrate popular in the aquarium trade. Native to Indonesia, this crab is valued for its interesting behavior and distinctive appearance.

Geosesarma want freshwater environments with slight acidity to neutrality. They are often kept in paludarium aquariums, where they can access land and water. Water temperature should be maintained between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius.

These crabs are omnivorous and feed on a variety of foods, including small invertebrates, vegetables, fruits, and special shellfish tablets. Be sure to provide a varied diet to meet their nutritional needs.

Geosesarma are territorial animals, so make sure you have plenty of hiding places and appropriate aquatic design in the aquarium. With proper care, these crabs can be intriguing and colorful residents in a well-landscaped freshwater environment.

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