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Orange crayfish

Orange crayfish

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Orange crayfish can also be fascinating aquarium pets. They have similar needs to other crayfish in terms of space, substrate and water quality.

It is therefore recommended not to keep them with other species of crayfish in the same aquarium. Orange crayfish are also known for their ability to climb and escape, so it is important to ensure the aquarium is well covered to prevent escapes.

Orange crayfish are omnivorous and feed on vegetables, protein and dietary supplements to meet their nutritional needs. They also need places to hide and feel safe. Rocks, roots or caves can be added to the aquarium to provide hiding spaces for the crayfish.

In summary, orange crayfish can be interesting aquarium pets, but require a suitable aquarium with space, suitable substrate, a balanced diet and hiding places. It is also important to monitor their behavior closely to avoid territorial and aggressive behavior towards other crayfish.

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