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Apple Snail

Apple Snail

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Physiologically, the apple snail has a conical shell, reminiscent of a small apple, hence its name. The shell, generally streaked with delicate patterns, offers solid protection against predators and climatic variations. This species also has a muscular foot, which allows it to move slowly and climb on different surfaces.

Temperature plays a crucial role in the life of the apple snail. These creatures are most active in humid, cool weather, while they tend to retreat into their shells when it is hot and dry. Their behavior is closely linked to these climatic variations, adapting their daily activity to maximize their survival in their habitat.

Regarding the hardness of their shell, the apple snail develops a robust protection to preserve its fragility. The shell, mainly composed of calcium carbonate, can withstand light impacts and provides an essential defensive barrier against potential predators.

In summary, the apple snail, with its distinctive appearance, thermal regulation, resilient shell, adaptive behavior, and ecological role, occupies a unique and important place in the ecosystems it inhabits.

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