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Pleco L066

Pleco L066

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Pleco L066, commonly known as King Tiger Pleco, is a species of catfish valued in the aquarium trade for its distinctive beauty. Originating from South America, L066 features black striped patterns on a white or yellow background.

King Tiger Plecos thrive in moderately acidic to neutral water conditions, with an ideal temperature between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius. These catfish prefer well-filtered aquatic environments with hiding places and shaded areas to meet their territorial needs.

When it comes to diet, Pleco L066 is primarily herbivorous. It feeds on vegetables, algae tablets and food specially formulated for catfish. Make sure you maintain a balanced diet for their benefit.

L066 Plecos are generally peaceful, but it is important to respect their need for space and provide an enriching environment. They make a superb addition to a community aquarium, but as with any species, proper care ensures a healthy and fulfilling life.

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