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Pleco L128

Pleco L128

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The Pleco L128 is a species of catfish very popular in the aquarium trade. Native to South America, this Pleco is characterized by its distinctive blue coloration and dark patterns.

Suitable for water temperatures ranging from 23 to 28 degrees Celsius, the Pleco L128 wants slightly acidic to neutral water conditions. This catfish can be kept in community aquariums, but it is important to provide hiding places and shaded areas because they have nocturnal habits and appreciate security.

When it comes to diet, Pleco L128 is primarily herbivorous, feeding on vegetables and algae tablets. Be sure to supplement their diet with a variety of foods for adequate nutrition.

Overall, the Pleco L128 is an attractive and interesting addition to an aquarium, but it requires proper care to thrive.

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