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Rasbora Strawberry

Rasbora Strawberry

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The Boraras naevus, also known as "Rasbora Naevus", is a small freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia. This colorful and peaceful fish typically measures less than 2cm in length, making it an excellent addition to small community aquariums.

He wants soft to slightly acidic water, with an ideal pH between 6.0 and 7.0. Water temperature should be maintained between 22°C and 28°C. A moderate to low water hardness level is best for the sake of this little fish.

The behavior of the Boraras nevus is calm and gregarious. It thrives best in the company of its peers, so it is recommended to keep them in groups. These fish want a well-planted environment with shaded areas and hiding places, for a natural habitat that is rich in plants.

In short, the Boraras nevus is an ideal option for aquarium enthusiasts looking for a miniature fish, easy to maintain and for small spaces.

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