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Nitrate test kit (0.0-110.0) Nutrafin

Nitrate test kit (0.0-110.0) Nutrafin

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The Nutrafin Nitrate Test Kit (0.0-110.0) measures nitrate levels in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Nitrate should be monitored regularly to indicate the level of pollution in the aquarium. aquarium and to decide if a water change is necessary.

Nitrate builds up in the aquarium over time and is difficult to remove using standard filtration methods. The best way to prevent nitrate buildup is to regularly use Nutrafin Waste Control and Cycle products, change the water regularly, and remove organic waste or other debris.

The kit allows up to 80 tests and includes :

  • One 17 ml (0.57 fl oz) bottle of nitrate reagent 1.
  • One 10 ml (0.3 fl oz) bottle of nitrate reagent 2.
  • One 10.5 ml (0.35 fl oz) bottle of Nitrate Reagent 3.
  • A glass tube with stopper.
  • A pipette.
  • A laboratory support.
  • A manual.


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